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How We Started

 Growler Hour officially launched in 2015 as a way of keeping in touch with old college friends. The idea was simple- meet up at one of our homes, crack open a growler from a local brewery, and let the discussions and debates begin. We shared stories about our work, family, and reminisced about shared past experiences. Wherever our talks led us, we all understood that the most important aspect of our weekly gathering was the gathering itself. We feared that as we started pursuing our respective careers we would start to grow apart. So we all committed to sharing at least one hour and one growler each week and thus, the Growler Hour was born! 

Creating a Craft Beer Community

  We have seen the craft beer industry in San Diego absolutely boom in the past few years and it shows no signs of slowing down. Perhaps the most encouraging element of this craft beer revolution is the unifying power of the local brewery/tasting room. Old friends reconnect and new friendships are forged everyday based on the love for high quality, locally crafted beer. When we visit a tasting room, we always seem to meet great men and women who are fun, interested in the beer-making process, and eager to include and share their opinions and knowledge with others. San Diego’s breweries seem to bring out the best in people and foster the building of powerful and lasting relationships; everyone has their own version of a growler hour!

  The beer scene here in San Diego is massive and sprawling, so we decided to create a home for all of the craft beer enthusiasts no matter which brewery you call home. This new beer community is welcoming to all beer drinkers whether you drink IPAs or stouts, sours or saisons or whether you are a man or a woman. In many ways, the San Diego craft beer scene is a living example of the individual freedom and expression upon which this great nation was founded; and at the same time, we recognize that beer drinkers have more in common than we do not. It is all about getting together with good friends to enjoy great local beer.We invite you to embrace the lifestyle of America’s Craft Beer Capitol- San Diego, California. 

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